The work of Franz Thomsen is about understanding the thrown away. Discarded stuff that has lived out its purpose in the world, and now exists in places away from the modern life.

He finds material for his artwork in junkyards, dumpsters, second hand shops, all places where we get rid of the things we no longer need, or no longer want to have as part of our changing lives.

Using this material in new connotations, is a task of giving new life to the old, but also about remembering what we do not want to face. Either because it is too painfull or because we find it inferior.

His art comes out either as sculptures, installations or collages. His work with the artmoney concept has brought him growing succes the recent years.

Franz is 40 years old and lives and works in copenhagen Denmark.

Contact and artshow
Most hours during the daytime Franz can be contacted at Paludan bookstore, Fiolstræde 10 in the center of Copenhagen. Here you can also see examples of Franz work.

Paludan phone: 0045 3315 0675

Home contact
Kastrupvej 112 st. th.
2300 København S
phone: 0045 32979211